Cosmetic Dentistry & Dental Implants – Perfect Smile Makeovers

Smile Makeover – Case 5

A Patient, highly conscious of her smile, came with a dental implant placed in wrong position, by a general dentist

Steps taken to generate this stunning smile makeover

  1. Remove Old dental implant
  2. Soft and hard tissue grafting
  3. Orthodontics – Lower teeth Braces  – Tooth positioning correction. Sent to a local Orthodontist specialist.
  4. New dental implant replacement placed in corrected position
  5. Old crown replaced
  6. Added New crowns and veneer
  7. One new dental implant inserted in upper jaw
  8. Two dental implants inserted in lower jaw
  9. Composite resin build ups on some of lower teeth
Cosmetic Dentistry Case 5 - After

Cosmetic Dentistry – Case 4
Before and After Treatment with An Upper Denture and a Lower Partial Denture
Cosmetic Dentistry - Case 4 Before Cosmetic Dentistry - Case 4 After

Cosmetic Dentistry – Case 3

This patient hated the look of her teeth and wanted to transform her smile. She had the following treatment:

  •  1 implant placed to replace a missing tooth.
  • 10 porcelain veneers to lengthen her worn teeth and improve the alignment and colour.
  • 6 porcelain crowns to protect heavily filled teeth and improve the alignment and colour.
Cosmetic Dentistry - Case 3 before Cosmetic Dentistry - Case 3 after
Cosmetic Dentistry - Case 3 before - Arches Cosmetic Dentistry - Case 3 after - Arches

Cosmetic Dentistry – Case 2
This lovely lady presented with a badly broken down dentition and she was ready for a smile makeover. She had the following treatment:

  • Removal of teeth and two dental implants placed into the lower jaw.
  • An upper full denture.
  • A new lower full denture that clicks onto the implants to hold it firmly in place.
Cosmetic Dentistry - Case 2 Before Cosmetic Dentistry - Case 2 After

Cosmetic Dentistry – Case 1
This patient present with a failing bridge, broken teeth and wanted to chew properly again. She had the following treatment:

  • Removal of broken teeth.
  • Some resin fillings.
  • Crown lengthening.
  • Two new porcelain crowns.
  • Two dental implants placed.
  • A 3 tooth porcelain bridge placed onto the two implants
Cosmetic Dentistry - Case 1 Before Cosmetic Dentistry - Case 1 after