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Dental Implants Special at CLDC

Amazing Dental Implant Promotion

CLDC has very exciting news regarding the affordability of implant procedures which may be relevant to any decisions you make about restoring missing teeth.

With the financial year soon ending, CLDC has negotiated a temporary discount from our suppliers, and are very pleased to be able to offer the highest quality implant services at a reduced cost for a limited time*


Single Dental Implants from $3,900

(Previously priced from $5,500)

Includes surgical implant ($2,300) and implant crown attachment ($1,600).

IMPORTANT: Watch out for implant advertising  which only mentions the cost of the surgical component of the procedure and not the implant crown.

We only use the highest quality dental implants in the world, with stunning implant crowns made right here in Melbourne.


New! Affordable All-On-4 Alternative

Full Arch Replacement: from $17,000 – $25,000

(Previously ranged from $25,000 – $30,000)

We are very excited to introduce a new full arch replacement technology, which is similar All-On-4.

We use a minimum of 5 implants, and allow either a fully fixed or removable full set of replacement teeth on the upper or lower jaw.

This new technique is much more affordable than the “All-On-4” method, and creates increased stability, strength and longevity with the extra implant.

To understand the potential problems you may experience with only 4 implants and the benefits the new 5-implant system has over 4, we recommend speaking to one of our expert dentists before making any decisions about full-arch replacement treatment, and understanding fully all the options available to you.


Would you like to learn more?

If missing teeth are a cause of concern to you, or you have simply had enough of dentures, please call our practice on (03) 9500 2084 to discuss your implant options in more detail or arrange a consultation or contact us via email.

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*NOTE: Implant price reductions are only available offered to patients who book their implant treatment prior to 30 June 2016.


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