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Dr Yvonne King – Australia’s First Aesthetic Dentist

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Meet the Smile-maker

With a passion for creating beautiful, functional smiles and life changing makeovers, Dr Yvonne King has stood at the forefront of modern dentistry for almost two decades. Introducing and harnessing a wealth emerging and advanced technologies and techniques, including laser dentistry, digital radiography, in-surgery whitening, drill-free microdentistry, and has introduced Australia to exciting products such as LaserBrite and GlamSmile veneers. In 2013, Dr King became Australia’s first dentist to be awarded the Masters of Science in Aesthetic Dentistry from the prestigious King’s College, a constituent of the University of London. Dr King prides herself on her artistic and technical ability to create stunning, healthy smiles designed to last a lifetime. Her skills have been shaped by years of experience and training in advanced dentistry, and haven’t gone unnoticed, making numerous appearances on television, magazine and guest appearances at expos, and holding training sessions both at home and internationally, educating fellow dentists and imparting her skills and knowledge.

What is ‘Aesthetic’ Dentistry? Any dentist can style themselves a ‘cosmetic dentist’, as there is no such recognised speciality in Australia. That said, the concept of Aesthetic dentistry is well established, and goes far beyond simply making a smile ‘look’ better. It encompasses concepts about a person’s face, age, personality, goals, motivations and overall well-being. Using a combination of varying treatments, an aesthetic dentist must be able to create a smile that is not only pleasing to look at, but must be conservative, functional, healthy and designed to last and improve each patient’s quality of  life, by complimenting who they are. The results can be breathtaking: Resin Veneers A skill Dr King has mastered is the layering of composite resin to create an entirely new smile, without the need to cut down or damage the underlying tooth structure. Conservative Porcelain Veneers Whole Mouth Makeovers

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