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3D Intra-Oral Scanning – No More Impressions!

3D Intra-oral scanning at CLDC

The TRIOS 3Shape Scanner Arrives at CLDC

One thing people dislike most about going to the dentist is the uncomfortable and generally unpleasant experience of having impressions or moulds taken of their teeth.

If you have ever needed a crown, implant, veneer, retainer or orthodontic appliance made, you have most likely had impressions taken of your teeth using a gooey and sticky material.


Always at the forefront of dental technologies, CLDC utilises state-of-the-art intra-oral scanners to take fully 3D digital records of your teeth. That means there is no more not-so-nice smelling and sticky stuff held in your mouth and importantly no more gagging from intrusive impression trays and materials.

The 3SHAPE TRIOS intra-oral scanner is moved around your mouth taking millions of images to build a highly detailed model of your teeth, gums and bite. Another advantage is it gives our dentists and hygeinists a high-definition, full colour record of your teeth, making it easier to spot potential problems and diagnose oral health issues.

See how quickly our 3D Scanner can take a full scan of your teeth at CLDC:

Is it time for your high-tech dental health check-up?

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Don’t put off maintaining your dental hygeine – an examination and check-up at CLDC might be faster and more comfortable than you imagine.

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