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All-On-8 Dental Implants

All-on-8 dental implants belong to the family of Fixed Bridge dental procedures (like All-on-4). This treatment helps to replace a significant number of teeth in a person’s jaws. It involves a fixed dental bridge (denture) made out of either acrylic or zirconia that is attached to the implants.

Dental implants are considered to be a safe and effective solution for replacing missing teeth as they provide a level of bite strength much closer to that of natural teeth.

Implants integrate into the bone of your jaw, thus functioning similarly to your natural teeth.

All-on-8 dental implants require more available bone than the All-on-4 procedure. You can choose between the two procedures depending on:

  1. The amount of bone available in your jaw.
  2. The condition and location of any remaining teeth.
  3. Your overall health and ability for the implants to integrate with your bone.

What to expect?

All-on-8 dental implants require the patient to have enough bone structure for the titanium to be surgically implanted and integrate. In the case of insufficient bone, a bone grafting treatment may first be required to grow new bone tissue

At the start, the dental implants will be required to be placed into the jawbone. After this, a provisional prosthesis can be easily attached. Then the implants are given some time to heal. Once this is done, a dental bridge or removable overdenture can be fixed as a permanent solution.

In the initial months, you can expect your mouth to heal and the bone and gums to change their shape to adjust to the new fixture. During the initial stage, it is recommended to avoid eating hard or chewy foods. The discomfort or pain that begins with the procedure is expected to subside after a week since the healing process has started in the mouth.

Why choose All-on-8?

All-on-8 dental implant treatment is the ideal solution for a patient who has a full arch of missing teeth. This treatment is considered to be a stable and permanent alternative to traditional dentures.

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