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Composite Veneers In Melbourne

Also known as a resin veneers treatment or composite bonding

Dental composite bonding otherwise known as composite veneers is an affordable procedure that Dr Yvonne King can perform to change the shape and size of certain teeth to rejuvenate your smile. Dr King is Australia’s first dentist to attain a Master’s Degree in Aesthetic Dentistry. With years of experience, she is an expert in working with composite resin veneers to give her patients a beautiful smile that looks natural and compliments their overall appearance.

Resin veneers are bonded to the teeth, so they are suited to repairing teeth (especially the front teeth) that have been chipped, broken, or decayed. The dental bonding procedure is simple and is usually completed in one visit. Contact our team for more information about Resin Veneers in Melbourne.

In order to keep the restorations in their best possible condition, the composite veneers teeth need to be polished and maintained regularly.

Ask the composite bonding Melbourne team at CLDC about our approach to composite veneers, both before and after the treatment, would apply to your individual needs. Speak to us today about our Composite Veneers Treatment in Melbourne.

Below are some composite bonding designs by Dr Yvonne King at CLDC:

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