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Protection | Examination | Oral Hygeine

Whether you are visiting CLDC for your regular examination or your first visit, we will perform a comprehensive dental examination.

Your examination will involve:

  • Facial Analysis: Symmetry, smile line, aesthetic appearance and posture
  • Soft Issues: Cheeks, palate, throat, tongue, floor of the mouth and lips
  • Assessment for any signs of pathology: tumours, cysts and oral cancer
  • Assessment of the chewing joint (TMJ) and associated muscles: disorders of this joint and the surrounding muscles can often lead to debilitating headaches, earaches, tooth wear and bite collapse
  • Periodontal (gum) assessment: gums form a supporting system for our teeth. Undiagnosed gum disease is the most common cause for tooth loss in the adult population
  • Hard tissue – teeth: Integrity of teeth, existing restorations, vitality, cracks, position in the mouth etc
  • Smile analysis – if requested: How happy you are with your smile, does your smile match your face, does your smile age you, is your smile aesthetically pleasing.
  • Following the examination, based on your desires and goals, a personalised treatment plan will be designed to suit your specific needs. All the available treatment options will be discussed with you, so that you can make a fully informed decision. If need be, a financial plan can be provided.

Our aim is to fit your care into your lifestyle as smoothly and as comfortably as possible.

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