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Permadent: The Removable Implant Supported Smile in 3 hours


PERMADENT® | Robust. Reliable. Ready in 3 hours.
Your smile for Life.

Enjoy all the foods you love, speak clearly, and smile every day without the worry, discomfort and inconvenience of traditional dentures.

This may change the way you think about dental implant supported dentures, fixed implant bridges and whole arch replacement systems.

  • Attaches strongly, removes easily*
  • Immediate implant splinting and prosthetic loading
  • Minimum of 5 quality European implants placed for strength and stability.
  • In some cases, existing dentures can be upgraded to Permanent. Save on cost! Check with our dentists!

CLDC is again revolutionising dentistry in Australia, being the first dental practice to offer the amazing Permadent ‘3 hour’ Smile, utilising a minimum of 5 world-class precision computer guided surgery using European dental implants, the strong and secure Permadent attachment system, and a beautiful, natural-looking prosthesis (denture) made in Melbourne, with the implant surgery and immediate loading of the denture all completed in just a few hours.

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icon-light-bulbInterested in All-On-4 or a Fixed Bridge Solution?
Have you heard about Permadent Platinum?

Take a look at our more affordable whole arch replacement system, which utilises between 6 to 8 implants, and includes a stunning full Zirconia bridge as standard. Click here to learn more…



The Power of 5 Implants

Unlike some whole arch replacement systems, removable or fixed prostheses which attach to 2 – 4 implants, the Permadent system uses a minimum of 5 implants for increased stability, strength, functionality and longevity. The removable feature allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, but provides a strong, secure fit when attached, giving reliability and importantly: comfort.[note]See discussion on advantages and long-term survival of implant supported dentures:[/note]

Increased strength: A minimum of 5 implants creates a strong base for the Permadent denture, allowing patients to chew a wider range of foods compared to traditional dentures, which rely on adhesives and palatal contact, and offers increased longevity and success rates than ball-attached dentures relying on 2 – 4 implants.[note]More information on this research:[/note]

Less Fractures: With the support of 5 implants, their is less likelihood of the denture fracturing, as the wider base support means there is less ‘flex’ in the mouth. The wider support base also allows more options to extend the denture back further in future, adding more back teeth without changing the implants.

No Gap. No space between your gumline and the denture means your Permadent attaches comfortably and fits tightly against the gumline. This prevents less saliva and food travelling under the denture. No hard to reach cleaning spaces, no unpleasant odours from food and bacteria.

Precision Keyhole Surgery: Using the latest computer and stent-guided implant technology from Europe and less invasive surgical techniques, the procedure is all completed in one session. In most cases, there are no incisions and no stitches.

No Invasive Gum and Bone Surgery: Some fixed prosthesis procedures may require removal of gum and bone tissue. This is often done for functional and/or aesthetic purposes to hide the gaps or transition line between the prosthesis and the gum.

Virtually No Downtime – Immediate loading: Some fixed prosthesis procedures require you to wait before the final prosthesis is loaded onto the implants. Your final Permadent prosthetic is fitted immediately after your surgery and soon you can be enjoying all the foods you love with exceptional functionality and strength.

Removable: Permadent is a removable whole-arch replacement solution, allowing a patient to easily detach the denture from the implants for cleaning and maintenance, and strongly attach it back in. The strength required to detach and reattach the denture can also be adjusted to suit individual needs.


How is Permadent different to a Fixed Bridge/Fixed Prosthesis?

Permadent and other fixed bridge/denture/prosthesis systems both replace a whole arch of teeth using a prosthetic device. Rather than replacing individual teeth with individual implants, an entire prosthetic or denture is secured using implants into the jawbone. However there are some significant differences between the removable Permadent system and a fixed prosthesis solution you should be aware of if considering a traditional denture replacement or whole arch replacement.

  Permadent® Fixed Prosthesis On 4 Implants 
Implants Minimum 5 Minimum 4
Cleaning Simply detach and clean the Permadent prosthesis and maintain thorough oral hygiene easily at home. Patients must clean between the gums and prosthesis, often with waterpik device and superfloss. This can be awkward or difficult for some patients, especially for poorly designed fixed prostheses.
Physical Gap No Gap: fits tight against the gumline for comfort and prevents food getting trapped. Sometimes a gap is left between gumline and prosthesis to allow for easier cleaning, or unintentionally if designed poorly.
Surgery Precision computer guided keyhole surgery. May require invasive cutting back of gum and bone.
Removable Yes. Simply snap on and off. Attaches strongly to the 5+ implant system. *Adjustable level of strength required to detach and reattach. No – Can only be detached by a dentist when required.
Time One Day Immediate Loading. Implants, splinting and prosthetic attachment all completed in a matter of hours. Minimum 12 hours to 3 days between implant surgery and denture loading.
If one of the implants fails? The stability of Permadent is not compromised, at least 4 implants will continue to provide good stability, and individual implants can be replaced without changing the structure of the denture. We recommend you ask your fixed prosthesis provider about the replacement protocol and costs involved.
Cost From $17,000 to $19,000 for a full arch at CLDC (upper or lower) Around $20,000 – $30,000 per arch

How does Permadent allow for immediate loading of a denture?

Some fixed prosthetic solutions require days or even months before the final prosthetic is attached. The Permadent system uses a specialised supportive splint separate to the denture, to reduce micro-movements which can otherwise compromise the integrity of the implant, which allows the Permadent to be loaded onto the implants within hours of the surgery.

This proven system has been successfully used in Europe, USA and Israel, and we are proud to be able to offer our patients a new smile in only 3 hours with this revolutionary procedure.

Are you ready to discover your true smile potential?

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