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Straighter Teeth in Half the Time!

Accelerate your Orthodontic Treatment up to 2x faster!


If you are already using or considering using orthodontic aligners (such as Invisalign) to straighten your teeth, you may know that the aligners usually need to be replaced with the next set in the sequence every 2 weeks.

With the Propel VPro5 device, the duration of treatment with orthodontic aligners can be halved – allowing teeth to be ready for the next aligner in as little as 1 week. That means a course of Invisalign that ordinarily would take a year can be completed in as little as 6 months.


What is Propel VPro5?

A compact and simple to use device which you hold between your teeth for only 5 minutes a day.

How does it work?

The VPRo5 is specially designed to send micro vibrations into the teeth and jawbone, allowing for more accurate seating of the aligners, by gently enhancing the force applied to teeth by the aligners, stimulating faster cellular activity responsible for remodelling the bone.

Can anybody with aligners use the VPro5 device?

To be a suitable candidate for any form of accelerated orthodontics, the patient must meet certain criteria, including stability of the gums and assessment of periodontal conditions, and past or present bone loss or gum disease. For some patients it may not be safe to move teeth too quickly, and in that event we would not recommend the use of any type of accelerator.

I’ve already started my Invisalign or Aligner Treatment. Can I use VPro 5?

Yes! So long as you are a candidate for using an accelerator, you can start using the VPro5 unit at any stage of your aligner treatment to begin accelerating the remaining time.

Want to learn more about VPro5 and Invisalign?

Please contact our friendly patient liaison on (03) 9500 2084 to discuss the various invisible orthondontic options available at CLDC, or simply complete an enquiry form below.

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