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All smiles created by Dr Yvonne King. We would like to thank our valued patients for sharing their smile journey.

[wptabtitle] GlamSmile Porcelain Veneers [/wptabtitle]


Developed in Europe as the affordable and less invasive alternative to traditional porcelain veneers, GlamSmile veneers are like ordinary porcelain veneers, except for the fact that they are extremely thin, similar to a contact lens, and highly durable. The treatment therefore requires little or no shaving or cutting into healthy tooth tissue to make space for the veneers in most cases.

Find our more about GlamSmile Porcelain Veneers.

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[wptabtitle] Traditional Porcelain Veneers [/wptabtitle]

Crafted by highly skilled ceramists in a dental laboratory, porcelain veneers are one of the most popular techniques used to transform the look of a smile. Porcelain veneers are highly detailed, having a beautiful lustre that appears closest to healthy natural teeth.

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[wptabtitle] Resin Veneers [/wptabtitle]

Also known as ‘composite’ veneers. The artful process of bonding layers of composite resin directly onto the teeth, rejuvenating the shape, colour and size of teeth. Often more affordable and less invasive than porcelain veneers, and can usually completed in just one visit. Learn more about the bonding or composite veneer treatments available.

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