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Why pay $30,000 for a denture?

What you need to know about All-On-4

1) At the end of the day, it is a denture, including prosthetic ‘gumline’.
2) Starting price for an acrylic (plastic) denture on All-On-4 is around $18,000
3) “Upgrading” to the stronger, natural looking porcelain/zirconia All-On-4 can cost upwards of $30,000.[note]This is a footnote[/note]

What if for a price similar to All-On-4, you could have a stunning full Zirconia bridge on 8 quality implants, without resection (cutting back) of gum and bone, which looks like natural teeth?

This is NOT a denture. This bridge replaces a whole arch of 12 teeth on 8 implants.

Zirconia: There is only one substance on earth harder than Zirconia, and that is diamond. The 8 implant full bridge is strong, beautiful and can look just like natural teeth



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