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Think of dental implants as metal anchors, usually made of titanium, that are surgically placed into the jawbone to hold permanent teeth replacements or dentures.

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The Benefits of Restoring Your Smile With Dental Implants

A Dental Implant can restore so much more than just a tooth…

A Dental Implant is a surgically inserted prosthetic tooth designed as a long-term replacement for missing teeth with close to natural strength and function.

Think of it as screw-like anchor embedded into the jaw which then naturally integrates with the surrounding bone, capped off with a natural looking crown

Having a full, complete set of teeth brings many benefits both visually and functionally. Replacing a missing tooth can also restore a patient’s confidence to eat whatever foods they like, smile or laugh without hesitation, and avoid long term complications and problems with adjacent teeth.

The following short video is the perfect introduction to the dental implant procedure and the long term advantages of this treatment:

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implant diagram21

Tooth Implants

Think of dental implants as metal anchors, usually made of titanium, that are surgically placed into the jawbone to hold permanent teeth replacements or dentures. Through a process called “osseointegration”, the jawbone naturally attaches itself to the implant over time, creating tremendous stability.

Some of the benefits of dental implants include:

  • Improved biting pressure – a dental implants treatment can often restore bite pressure to a level similar to healthy natural teeth.
  • Comfort and fit despite having new teeth.
  • Longevity and reliability – with proper oral hygiene and care, dental implants have been shown to last as long as 20 years or more with few complications.
  • Increased self-confidence – ceramic teeth implants function remarkably like natural teeth. Most people who choose a dental implants treatment find that they can again laugh, chew, talk, and smile with renewed confidence.
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The Advantages of Dental Implants

Eating & Chewing

The best dental implants allows a person to eat and chew with increased bite pressure and similar strength to healthy natural teeth. This can dramatically change quality of life, and the freedom and confidence to eat what you like has benefits both socially and nutritionally.

Comfort & Speech Improvement

A dental implant is designed for you alone, meaning an ideal fit, functionality and natural appearance. Replacing missing teeth not only makes eating more comfortable and enjoyable, but also may improve speech and sound production, allowing you to speak clearly.

Avoid the Hassles of a Denture

Dentures and partial dentures can create difficulties and discomfort. Dental implants can replace one, two or a even complete set of teeth, giving you the freedom from dentures, a higher quality of life and more stable oral health.

Increased Oral stability

Missing teeth can lead to bone loss and gum recession, causing other teeth to drift or even come loose. An implant can restore stability to the supporting tissue and structures of the mouth, and assist in preventing further tooth loss.

Long Term Tooth Replacement

A dental implant is designed to ‘osseointegrate’, meaning the jawbone naturally binds new connective tissue to the biocompatible metal implant for strength and stability. With proper care, hygiene and maintenance, an endosteal dental implant can reliably last for up to 20 years with few complications.

Renewed Confidence in Life

A missing tooth can be aesthetically undesirable. Replacing tooth or teeth can positively impact on behaviour and wellbeing. With a renewed sense of pride, patients who restore their smile using dental implants can laugh, eat and smile without worrying about the appearance of a missing tooth or denture.

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Types of Dental Implants

We offer many types of solutions using dental implants— single dental implants, fixed and detachable dental implant bridges, and whole arch replacements including Permadent and the All-On-4 system.

Our dental implants are an effective and functionally superior alternative to dentures and removable bridges if a patient wishes to replace their missing or damaged teeth. Our dental implants are robust, natural-looking and restore both the look and functionality of missing teeth.

High-quality implants are extremely strong, durable, and stable due to the materials used and the experience behind the dentists at our centre.

single implant

Single Dental Implant

Replaces one tooth

fixed bridge implant

Fixed Dental Implant Bridge

Replace more teeth with fewer implants.

all on 4 implant

All-On-4 Retained Denture

Full arch replacement

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is an implant?

Basic implants usually consist of 2 elements. Firstly, a titanium screw which is placed into the jawbone to provide a solid foundation. The titanium surface is specially treated to promote the healing of your bone onto it, much like the titanium used in replacing hip and knee joints. Secondly, there is the “crown” that is screwed into the implant. This is the part that you can see above the gum line. Currently, the materials available to construct crowns are better than ever and can be seamlessly matched to blend in with your natural teeth. Bridging teeth and the cost of bridging teeth is affordable with CLDC. The cost of dental bridges in Australia can be steep at some clinics. Here at CLDC, the dental bridge cost in Melbourne is affordable. Discover an instant smile with our tooth bridges.

Do I need to be under General Anaesthetic?

Implant surgery is generally performed using local anaesthetic. Our centre is well equipped to ensure your experience comfortable and worry-free as possible. We have access to sedation options which allows a patient to doze whilst the procedure is completed.

Is there significant discomfort?

Although everyone is different in their sensations of discomfort, most people find the placement of an implant to be a similar sensation to having a relatively simple extraction. However, there is a spectrum of discomfort depending on the complexity of the surgery. For example, the need for simultaneous bone and soft tissue grafting at the time of implant placement would create more discomfort than a simple single implant placement. All our patients are given strong analgesics after surgery to ensure that your recovery period is as comfortable as possible.

Are Dental Implants expensive?

Implant surgery is a major dental procedure, and depending on the condition of the bone structure and any preparatory work that needs to be done, the costs can vary. That said, an implant is a sound investment for your health and well-being that can reduce the risk of triggering a cascade of severe dental health problems The cost of a dental implant may well be outweighed by the benefits of regaining the quality of life that comes with being able to eat, speak, smile and laugh without hesitation or feeling self-conscious.

The cost of a dental implant is divided between the surgical implant component and the crown cap. Thankfully the technological and manufacturing improvements to both the component and the dental implant bridge have made implants more affordable than in the past.

If you have multiple teeth to replace, there are economical ways we can restore multiple teeth without simply multiplying the cost of individual implants. Methods have been developed that allow multiple replacement teeth to be permanently fixed using fewer physical implants into the jaw, for example with a fixed bridge implant, or if a whole set of teeth needs replacing, by using only 4 implants with the all-on-4 method, the all-on-4 dental implant cost may only be around half of 12 single implants.

Am I entitled to any rebates?

Depending on your health insurance cover for Major Dental, you may be entitled to a rebate for dental implant surgery from anywhere from $600 – $2000. This will depend on your level of cover, so you may wish to discuss this directly with your provider to get a better idea of your entitlements.

Can Dental Implants be paid in instalments?

Our centre has access to several medical credit and finance options which can make your new smile a reality with a manageable repayment plan.

How long do I have to wait after the implant(s) are placed before I will have my new tooth/teeth?

This really depends on a number of factors, including the quality of the bone at the site of placement, whether or not bone and soft tissue grafting are also required, and the degree of torque that can be placed on the implant during surgery. As a guideline it is anywhere from 24 hours to 6 months.

My dentures are loose, can dental implants help?

Absolutely. There are several ways dental implants can help people who are fed up with their dentures. For example, 2 lower implants can simply be placed in the lower jaw to anchor a lower complete denture in place, so it won’t move around whilst you eat. Or you can even throw your denture away and have more implants placed to support a fixed dental implant bridge. Just 4 implants in the lower jaw and 6 in the upper can be enough to support 24 teeth! Contact us today to find out more about implant supported denture costs. The cost of all-on-4 implants in Australia can he expensive at other clinics. We offer fixed bridges that cost less that other dental clinics.

What is involved before I have my dental implant placed?

First you will meet with our dentist for a consultation during which your medical history is reviewed and a thorough examination of the potential implant site is completed. At the end of the consultation you will likely need to undergo a Cone Beam CT with a nearby radiographer. Once the dentist has seen the scans, you will then be sent a treatment plan detailing the costs and further information relevant to your case. The next appointment would usually be for the surgery.

I am nervous about treatment, what can you do to help?

Do not worry, at the Cosmetic and Laser Dentistry Centre we understand your anxiety and our whole team is well equipped to make your experience as pleasant and smooth as possible. During your consultation you can discuss the different options and techniques that are available to address any concerns. Solutions for anxiety can range from taking a sedative tablet 1 hour before surgery to help you feel more relaxed, to being administered anaesthetic so that you are asleep during the procedure.

Patient comfort is a paramount priority to us. We employ a number of techniques to address anxiety and discomfort. The dentist may recommend professional sedation performed by a secondary specialised clinician, or may suggest a sedative tablet one hour prior to surgery. Any concerns or anxiety you have about any stage of the procedure will be discussed at your initial consultation.

Should I consider “dental tourism” as an option?

Many people consider travelling overseas, or “dental tourism”, a viable option for major dental procedures, considering it is often more affordable and is a great excuse for a holiday. Whilst many providers overseas are certainly up to standard, you should be very wary of the dangers in opting for bargain price dentistry. Infection risks, failure rates, sub-par quality of work and materials can create an even more costly and painful scenario after returning home and needing to correct such issues. Please read more about our dentists view Dental Tourism: Hazardous To Your Health.

Dental Implants: More Affordable and More Accessible

If in the past you considered dental implants, however the cost and complexity of the surgery was a barrier at the time, there is good news: the ongoing development of technologies involved in affordable dental implants over the last decade now allow missing teeth to be replaced with natural, strong, long-lasting implants for more patient candidates, and at lower costs compared to the past. For patients missing an entire row of teeth, there now permanent alternatives to dentures or a row of individual implants using the All-on-4 method or even the all-on-6 dental implant method. At CLDC, we offer affordable implants for all. You do not worry about the all-on-4 cost in Melbourne with CLDC. The all-on-4 dental implants cost in Melbourne is affordable.

How much are dental implants?

Understanding how much dental implants cost is an important factor in choosing whether the treatment option is right for you. There are many different options to choose from such as replacing a tooth entirely, composite veneers vs porcelain veneers, the price of one dental implant or even the cost of a full mouth of dental implants.

Even if you decide to choose dental implants instead of other dental treatment options, choosing the right clinic can be difficult. We offer high-quality implants that are reliable and customised for your mouth — rather than cheap dental implants that can be found elsewhere.

The price of our dental implants is determined by the type of implant, the material used, the decades of experience from our dentists, the number of implants and the complexity of the procedure.

If you are interested in our dental implants, contact us today for more information on how we can find you the best treatment option today.

Implant Cases Performed at Our Centre

We thank these valued patients who have allowed us to share their new smiles with the world. These dental implant before and after photos are just some of the many happy patients that have received CLDC dental implants. Join the thousands of happy patients by searching for dental implants near me and finding our Caulfield North clinic.

implant case 2
all on 4 1

Frequently Asked Questions about Tooth Loss

Why do we lose teeth?

Accident or trauma: Teeth are strong, but a strong enough impact from an accident or sport can completely dislodge them, alternatively the damage to the jaw and gums are unseen, and over months or years the initial damage caused to the tooth root can cause the tooth to fall.

Tooth death: Can be caused by a number of factors, such as decay which is so advanced neither the tooth nor its root can be saved with restorative methods or root canal treatment. These teeth may have fallen on their own, or may have been extracted to prevent further pain and infection.

Gum Disease: Our gums are a mesh of tissue and ligaments that hold onto the teeth and encourage bone to grow around the roots. With inflammation from gum disease or bacterial infection, these ligaments deteriorate and the surrounding bone tissue retracts. With the root exposed to bacteria, there are greater risk of tooth rot and eventual loss.

Some illnesses: Can specifically cause tooth loss at any stage of life, such as diabetes, or genetic illnesses which cause some people to simply never develop adult teeth, called congenital anodontia.

Is old age always the cause of tooth loss?

We often associate tooth loss with old age, however it is usually gum disease, not ageing, that is the main cause of tooth loss in older persons. With proper dental hygiene, gum health and nutrition, teeth can certainly last a person their entire lifetime. So losing a tooth is no reason to stop caring for the remaining ones.

Why Replace a Missing Tooth?

Apart from the aesthetic concerns, over time a missing tooth can trigger a series of dental issues including:

  • Further tooth loss: The teeth either side of the empty space may begin to drift and move off their correct axis into the space, also, because there is no longer bite pressure being applied to the tooth directly above or below the space, ongoing growth forces can cause “super-eruption” or extrusion of the tooth, potentially leading to it falling out. The drift of teeth into incorrect position can cause teeth to collide at unnatural angles when biting and chewing, with this pressure and impact causing surrounding teeth to move or become damaged.
  • Bone Volume Loss: Without teeth anchored into the jaw bones, the underlying bone structure begins to recede, called bone resorption. This can impact on the outward appearance and shape of the face, and internally the bone loss endangers surrounding teeth, causing gum recession, creating food traps and increasing risk of decay and periodontal disease.

The longer a missing tooth remains untreated, the greater the likelihood and severity of bone loss and gum recession, which may increase the cost and complexity of implant treatment and require additional pre-requisite treatments such as bone grafting.


Robust. Reliable. Ready in 3 hours.

Enjoy all the foods you love, speak clearly, and smile every day without the worry, discomfort and inconvenience of traditional dentures.

This may change the way you think about dental implant supported dentures, fixed implant bridges and whole arch replacement systems.

  • Attaches strongly, removes easily*
  • Immediate implant splinting and prosthetic loading
  • Minimum of 5 quality European implants placed for strength and stability.
  • In some cases, existing dentures can be upgraded to Permanent. Save on cost! Check with our dentists!
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All-On-4 Dental Implants

Note: In the past we have offered All-On-4 to patients, however we are not currently providing this service, and have a range of alternative treatments including Permadent: an exciting and more affordable solution to full arch replacement, and Permadent Platinum, a full zirconia bridge that looks like natural teeth, for a more affordable price than All-On-4

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Zirconia Bridge

The ultimate in aesthetics, strength, functionality – and importantly, a full Zirconia bridge as standard, not an upgrade like other competing fixed solutions in Australia.

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We strive for every patient at our centre to have a 5-star experience. Our patients are like family to us and we believe that reflects in the feedback we receive.


Steph B
Steph B
05:10 28 Apr 22
Dr Aimee was beyond amazing, I had tight deadline to meet for my veneers for a film I am doing and she just went above and beyond! I can't thank Dr Aimee and the venners team for just doing such an amazing job on my teeth. Thank you so much.
Breanna Turner
Breanna T.
00:56 24 Mar 22
Thanks so much CLDC, I was back in Melbourne for a month and they managed to fit me in for 4 veneers last minute. Everyone I met spoke to in there is super friendly and professional and my teeth look better than I ever thought they would.
Cheng Jue Xu
Cheng Jue X.
23:05 23 Mar 22
The professionalism and friendliness of the whole team Dr Younng, Tony, Jackie and …… is outstanding. I’ve been going with them for invisalign and then for keeping up and cleaning. Every visit is like visiting friends. I couldn’t be happier with the results.
Lisa Taylor
Lisa T.
06:10 07 Mar 22
Dr Yvonne King and the team at CLDC are amazing! Dr King was the only dentist who could remove my old veneers using a laser rather than the old and very painful method of grinding them off. She reshaped my original teeth and I am so happy. Deb and the team have also been amazing when the enamel chipped off one of my teeth by fitting me in as an urgent appointment (and calling me on a Sunday!) and the repair is wonderful - you can’t see where the chip is at all. I can’t recommend highly enough :)read more
Jackie Dzienciol
Jackie D.
03:21 04 Feb 22
I have just completed my smile correction treatment and am so pleased with the results. Everything has been seamless even through the lockdowns. The service and care from all the staff is next level. Nothing was too difficult for them! Highly highly recommend if you're looking for a place that really cares about individual results. Im now a regular for general dental too, not just cosmetic.
Anna P
Anna P
00:06 10 Dec 21
Excellent friendly amazing service! Love seeing my dentist! 😁
Gadzii MrOue
Gadzii M.
11:35 01 Dec 21
The best dental care at CLDC I have ever experienced! Professionalism and friendly staff who make you feel welcoming from the time you step foot in the door till the time you leave .. To the Amazing staff where they welcome and greet you with a big smile. A massive shout out to the Best Dentist EVERRR DR CARA FIT AND ALL HER ASSISTANTS who are very nice, supportive and make you feel right at home in that dentist chair .. DR FIT with her professionalism, friendliness and caring nature makes you feel SAFE, she goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable, I couldn’t be happier with the results! 😁Everyone at CLDC are all outstanding with the work they do and they are always there in every step to help .. Last and not least a massive Thank you to DR KING for all the support and care she gives Everyone YOUR AMAZING! The Highest Recommendation for CLDC ♥️read more
Nicholas Yanni
Nicholas Y.
22:17 17 Nov 21
A very kind and professional team who delivered amazing results!
Rachael Stott
Rachael S.
12:13 13 Nov 21
Most friendly and nicest staff. I feel so welcomed and comfortable and recovering nicely after my gum graft a few days ago. They were the only dentist that I went to that didn’t straight away say I need orthodontic treatment and gave me other options as well hence why I went with the gum graft. I travel from the other side of town for a reason. You guys are the best. Can’t wait to see my final results when I fully heal. Thank you
Steph Roff
Steph R.
23:22 11 Nov 21
Highly recommend! Friendly and knowledgeable staff with highly skilled specialist dentists. They have literally transformed my life by giving me a wonderful smile.
Eve Chapman
Eve C.
01:41 06 Oct 21
Always a pleasure to go to this place, admin staff friendly and helpful, dentist Daniel never fails to entertain, also explaining what he is doing to make you feel very comfortable. So impressed with the high calibre of all the staff and perfection in all procedures performed.
J Legg (Jaylegg)
J Legg (.
23:52 01 Aug 21
I'm now smiling with feeling proud to show my teeth, after 30 years of hating how they looked. Dr King and her team have been amazing throughout the whole process - especially with the juggle of COVID lockdowns! Dr King was informative, caring and showed so much skill and attention to detail - it was impressive. My new veneers and smile look natural and fit my face and have definitely improved my smile and my confidence. From my personal experience I wouldn't hesitate recommending CLDC.
Lisa Keay
Lisa K.
08:18 19 Jul 21
Smile MakeoverDr Yvonne King and the entire team at Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry Centre were amazing! very comforting and supportive from the moment I first walked in, which was comforting for me because I feared going to the dentist. Each visit the entire team went above and beyond, and their professionalism and patience with me during my smile makeover journey was outstanding.Dr Yvonne King’s transformation of my smile makeover well and truly exceeded my expectations.My smile makeover has been created for my unique features and personality with the finishing touches completed to perfection.The outcome of my smile makeover truly shows Dr King’s incredible work, passion, dedication and attention to detail to provide the perfect smile.My Smile Makeover journey at the Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry Centre truly has been life changing and has given me the confidence to now smile proudly and with ease. I literally cannot stop smiling! (not even Covid -19 lock-down 5.0 can stop me!)I am so grateful to Dr Yvonne King and her entire team for my amazing transformation and making my dream of having a beautiful smile come true.…………I feel like I have had a ‘Hollywood smile makeover’ so if you want general dentistry or a Hollywood Smile Makeover like me, I highly recommend you visit Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry Centre you won’t be disappointed!read more
Trent Wemyss
Trent W.
01:43 18 Jun 21
The whole process was flawless. I felt comfortable the whole time and I can’t thank Dr. Yvonne King and her staff enough.I should of done it years ago
Adriana Del Giudice
Adriana Del G.
01:20 06 Apr 21
Dr Yvonne King and the entire team at Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry were incredible! I always felt confident throughout my alignment treatment and the results of my smile speak for it. They’re super friendly and were always so accommodating for me. I genuinely cannot stop smiling, thanks guys!
Worge Productions
Worge P.
09:22 01 Apr 21
The team here are so amazing every single one of them, thank you so much I love the new natural smile and including the experience was great. Already have one referral I’m sure there will be more. Thank you for being flexible enough to move your dates on more then one occasion to have a smile ready in time for my daughters birthday 🥰🥰😁😁
Danny Finkelstein
Danny F.
04:55 19 Mar 21
Best, least painful, most relaxing dentist experience I have ever had. Can’t recommend higher!
Louisa Rankine
Louisa R.
00:55 17 Mar 21
Dr Yvonne King and team completely transformed my smile. I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror through tears when they did the reveal. Incredibly happy and absolutely recommend. All staff are friendly and understanding
Tammie Hawke
Tammie H.
02:21 11 Mar 21
Love my new smile! So happy and more confident to actually smile!
Rachael Ducat
Rachael D.
00:14 05 Mar 21
I saw Dr Maydelman today, it had been a long time since I attended the dentist and the team made it such a warm and welcoming space, they put my favourite music on and even provided me with a blanket. All the little details where such a nice touch. Dr Maydelman made sure to check in with me throughout the clean making sure I was doing okay. The whole experience was great and eased any nerves I had previously. I would highly recommend!
Charlie Main
Charlie M.
22:04 02 Feb 21
Very professional, friendly and experienced, could not fault the service I received in a very clean environment. I won’t be going anywhere else
chan kham
chan K.
08:51 12 Jan 21
Love the service, everyone there are very friendly. Especially Debra and Tony.
Vyomika Singh
Vyomika S.
01:38 23 Dec 20
Staff are amazing and very professional! They always make me feel so welcome, highly recommend!!
Daniel Pearce
Daniel P.
11:45 13 Dec 20
Dr King and her team did amazing work, in the past I would never smile been self conscious of my teeth, the result has been life changing, I am so happy to show my teeth and smile now, initially I researched for months trying to decide what to do, I am so pleased I visited CLDC, thank you
Monique Collard
Monique C.
06:21 02 Dec 20
As my front teeth have slowly been wearing away over the past 10 years I have become less comfortable showing my teeth in photos. I have only been smiling with my mouth closed. This year I decided to change this and did some research into cosmetic dentistry. There were so many positive reviews on CLDC that I made an appointment to see what they could do to improve my smile. After consulting with Dr King, I actually became excited with the possibility that something could be done. So - a few appointments later - my smile is huge! I am so much more confident to show my teeth and could not be happier with the excellent service provided. Thankyou so much CLDC!!!read more
Bon Bon
Bon B.
04:04 29 Nov 20
Great team that compliment each other. Clean fresh surgery. All the latest equipment. Friendly. Great location, plenty of transport options. Efficient. Listen to you. Gentle. Thorough. Highly recommend. I usually go overseas for dental but can’t travel because of covid. Really happy I found this place. I travel in from a regional area and they are great appointments to fit in with my travel arrangements.
Jordie Gundersen
Jordie G.
03:30 27 Nov 20
Warmest and friendly people ever. Total trust !!❤️You are not a customer at CLD, you are a family member...Totally professional in every way, even the junior staff are above and beyond the call of duty..Jordie Gundersen
Amanda De Amicis
Amanda De A.
12:27 08 Nov 20
Entrusting Cosmetic and Laser Dentistry Centre with my dental care is one of the best decisions I have ever made, and Dr King's transformation of my smile has been nothing short of life-changing. Her skill and dedication has given me a confidence I never thought I would have, and achieved a cosmetic outcome that has exceeded my wildest expectations.Before becoming a patient of this clinic, I hated dentists due to childhood traumas and avoided them at all costs, but it's impossible not to like the CLDC team! They've completely changed my attitude, and I am beyond grateful for their support in a long overdue commitment to my dental health.Aside from the brilliant Dr King to whom I owe my beautiful smile, I would like to give a special mention to Deborah, Riya, Meg & Chloe for showing kindness and compassion throughout my treatments. Thank you team; you are all superstars, and I will recommend you to everyone I more
Kems Hasan
Kems H.
07:20 05 Nov 20
My experience in choosing CLDC has been nothing less than life changing. To be fair I imagine my case was of the more challenging ones, where all other dentists I tried year after year were unable, and some, unwilling to put forward a solution. I'm grateful that I held the belief that something could be done because the team at CLDC have without a doubt exceeded my expectations.I can't speak highly enough of the professionalism and dedication of the staff towards achieving outstanding results, and I am so impressed at Dr.Kings ability to perform her work, she is certainly a master of her craft and is way ahead of anybody I have tried in the past.I highly recommend this dentistry and will be forever grateful to have had the pleasure of meeting each and every person there along my journey, they are all to be commended more
Melanie Bow
Melanie B.
10:00 31 Oct 20
I can’t speak more highly of the team at CLDC, they are amazing. I felt like a superstar, it’s 5 star treatment all the way. Dr. Yvonne King is a genius, she also has the warmest way when dealing with her patients. Thank you so so much, this has changed my life. Shout out also to Meg, Tony and Deb, you all rock. One last thing.... my teeth look amazing!
Melanie Bow
Melanie B.
09:53 31 Oct 20
I’ve honestly had the most amazing experience at CLDC, they really take care of you every step of the way.
05:32 29 Oct 20
A most caring and thoughtful assessment of my general dental and gum health. The team at C&L Dentistry were professional and knowledgeable in the latest, most effective treatments and procedures. It's very reassuring to know there is a dental centre around like this one. They're worth travelling to should you live some distance away.
Ilana SR
Ilana S.
07:36 25 Oct 20
I found that Dr Cara Fitt, was very caring and understanding at my appointments. She took time to explain all the procedures so that I could make an informed decision and made sure I felt comfortable at all times. I highly recommend her as a dentist.
Nat Roth
Nat R.
11:32 24 Oct 20
I have never felt more at ease during a trip to the dentist, I had an extremely pleasant experience seeing Dr Cara Fitt.From the moment I walked in a knew I was in good hands, I felt comfortable and relaxed.Dr Fitt explained the process and what she would be working on during the appointment, Dr Fitt was detailed and professional in her approach.I am so pleased with the outcome from my recent visits and look forward to returning next year.Regards Nat
Lauren Brenner
Lauren B.
11:55 22 Oct 20
Dr Cara has been wonderful in helping me feel comfortable and at ease during my appointments. I feel very well taken care of and any anxiety I may have quickly dissipates as soon as I walk through the door. Admin staff are always friendly and supportive. The follow up/aftercare is always excellent by Dr Cara and admin.
Sally Carmichael
Sally C.
04:45 19 Oct 20
Amazing team, and dentist, I previously had issues with my last dentist who ruined my front teeth of which I ended up with crowns, Dr King helped to rectify my smile and made me feel absolutely amazing for my daughters wedding. Thank you to the team at CLDC.
Daniel Penn
Daniel P.
03:22 19 Oct 20
I genuinely got over my fear of the dentist thanks to the awesome dentists at Cosmetic and Laser dentistry. After putting it off for so long, and simple dealing with the pain, I called, booked, arrived and left with no fuss what soever. The in-between was a breeze, and the staff were so incredibly friendly and understanding towards my fears, and reassuring to a point that put me closer to ease than I honestly could have hoped. My fear is gone, as is the pain. Could never thank them enough.
Suzi Matloub
Suzi M.
08:47 16 Oct 20
From start to finish, the CLDC team were incredibly welcoming. I had a consultation with DR King, and she is clearly passionate about her work. She described the range of options available and what suited my budget. My second visit, and everything was complete. I am so happy with my smile and how natural it all looks! This gave me the confidence I needed to smile from ear to ear, take photos with my teeth showing, and just have overall confidence. If you’ve thought about it for quite some time like I did, I highly recommend going for a consultation.I cannot thank you all enough. I’ve already recommended CLDC to my friends and family who are amazed at the change! Can’t wait to see you all soon ! - Suziread more
02:04 09 Oct 20
I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Houman. He spent two hours doing a complex root canal and I was very comfortable the entire time. He is extremely skilled, professional and caring and I am so thankful to him for saving my tooth. I was also impressed with the gentle manner in which Dr. Houman asked his Dental nurse, Dinara, questions. What a great learning environment. Thank you CLDC
Judith Mackiewicz
Judith M.
12:08 03 Oct 20
Dr. King; a dedicated, astounding professional, together with her team; driven by excellence in customer satisfaction, prioritizes their patients care and well-being, advises and guides their patient’s appropriate needs for lasting outcomes.I have attended this dentistry clinic for the past 20 years and had positive experiences every time.I am so glad I found you all those years ago and gave you my trust: to take my “life smile” in your hands….A very happy long term customer.
Liz Llorente
Liz L.
00:14 17 Jul 20
Such a welcoming and professional clinic.My kids felt really comfortable and are now confident that going to the dentist is a great experience!
Suzi Catena
Suzi C.
08:28 16 Jul 20
Well, firstly I must say that the whole family have been attending this clinic for approx 4 years . From all types of issues with teeth to just your general clean to implants, crown etc . For one of us that also has fear and anxiety of dentists too LOLI just can’t find the words to speak highly enough of this clinic. The entire staff is amazing , the service that we have all received has been outstanding. I don’t mind going to the dentist these days as the patience they have when I’m undergoing a procedure they make me feel at ease and relaxed . Their work is of extremely high standard. We travel approx 1 hour each way to come here and it’s totally worth it . Big thank you to everyone at Cosmetic and Laser Dentistryread more
Susan Murray
Susan M.
23:51 08 Jul 20
Dr. King and her her team are an incredible group of professionals that deliver excellent patient care. I would highly recommend them to anyone for both routine dental care and amazing orthodontic treatment.
06:17 26 Jun 20
I had the best experience I’ve ever had with any dentist at CLDC. I opted for composite veneers and had them done by Dr Yvonne King.The first person I spoke to when I rang to book a consultation was Meg the treatment coordinator, and right from the start I was warmly welcomed. She is a lovely person, happy, bubbly person and is a pleasure to deal with.Dr Yvonne king did an amazing job of my teeth and completely changed my smile without shaving down any of my natural teeth, she really is amazing at what she does and you will not be disappointed. I had a slight issue afterwards due to my bite and slight chipping but the guys at CLDC were able to fit me in to get it fixed straight away with no hassle at all.Lastly, Dr Daniel maydelman also did a check up for me and this resulted in me needing a couple of fillings and some fissure seals. He is extremely thorough, gentle and really kind. I would highly recommend him as a dentist and will be coming here for my bi annual check ups from now on, despite living 40 mins away.Thank you guys!!read more
Loretta Orsini
Loretta O.
06:51 02 Sep 19
Professionalism of the practitioners and staff and their personalised attention.
Cindy Burns
Cindy B.
10:24 07 Aug 19
I’m so in love with my smile now. I had no idea how limited my smile was. It’s not just about perfect teeth but you have actually changed my smile. Thrilled. Thank you so much xxxx
Marian Duke
Marian D.
11:52 22 Sep 18
very friendly staff, l see Nathaniel who is fabulous put you at ease. l travel from nunawading area ....they keep you smiling.
JC Escobal
02:55 06 Apr 18
Dr Yvonne was caring and very professional towards my son. She explained it thoroughly in a way that a child can understand the procedure. Many thanks to Debbie and Tony for accommodating us in, in a very short notice. Staff are very good and professional!#jobwelldone#frenectomy
Ingrid Paarlberg
Ingrid P.
23:31 29 Dec 17
Yvonne King is amazing!!! Love my new smile, got exactly what I asked for and look so natural, highly recommend, thank you so much.
Nadine Whelan
Nadine W.
03:46 01 Dec 17
These guys are amazing. Extremely Caring and go above and beyond anything you ask. They make you feel like part of the family.
Marty Monstah
Marty M.
04:05 17 Oct 17
I have been attending CLDC for many many years and have never had any issues. They have warm and friendly staff and have looked after all the woes I've had with my teeth, including Invisalign! If you're on the fence about going to a dentist, I highly recommend CLDC.
Tanya Lee
Tanya L.
09:28 06 Sep 17
Had my veneers done here and couldn't recommend them more. Very professional and friendly staff. from my first visit I felt very well looked after and I'm so happy with how my veneers turned out
Kim Johnson
Kim J.
11:15 20 Apr 17
It was a fabulous experience from start to a very beautiful smiling finish! Fabulous staff, professional & caring. Love my new smile. Highly recommend Yvonne King & her team. Thank you again.
Andrew Davys
Andrew D.
00:42 21 Nov 15
The team at CLDC are all brilliant, great care & service
Gillie Rosenes
Gillie R.
10:30 23 Apr 15
Today I bumped into someone that I hadn't seen for years. I was told I look amazing! I am 61. For 58 years I was embarrassed to smile because of my teeth and covered my mouth when I spoke. Two and a half years ago Dr King and staff gave me a smile. Now when I bump into friends, I give them a great big grin and they know just how happy and more confident I am. Your generosity and kindness will never be forgotten.Thank you so much Yvonne and girls for making my life a happier one :)
Tynne Sanders
Tynne S.
10:06 20 Mar 15
Love my new teeth. I am so happy with the results.
Tynne Sanders
Tynne S.
10:03 20 Mar 15
I love my new teeth, the are better than I expected. Thank you.
Maria Priv
Maria P.
01:48 23 Sep 14
Dr king and all her staff are not only exceptional in their work But exceptional humans. They make you feel like a friend not a client ... VERY refreshing !
Sean Slotar
Sean S.
11:36 23 Oct 13
I have allot of professional details with Dr King and I am amazed by both her knowledge and clinical skills.