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Cosmetic Dentistry: A Woman’s Perspective and Understanding

blank blankDr Yvonne King | Aesthetic Dentist BDSc, MSc (Aesthetic Dentistry) So many women come to my practice and express dismay at the same concern: that the dentists they have spoken to don’t listen for their needs, or simply don’t understand them. Whether we like it or not, our appearance plays an especially relevant role in our lives. As a professional woman whose majority of patients are female, I can certainly empathise with the social pressures we contend with. More and more often I am meeting women who feel as though they are not really being listened to, or simply can’t communicate their true needs to their general or cosmetic dentist. Aesthetic changes can never be ‘one-size-fits-all’, and in reality the standards of beauty can vary greatly between a male and female perspective. Men and women perceive, feel and see things differently, and we certainly communicate differently! You know the whole ‘Venus and Mars’ thing… A smile journey is a partnership of trust between a patient and a practitioner. No two women I see are ever the same; and nor are two smiles. Before I discuss your aesthetic or treatment options, the first thing I do is get to know you from the ground up: your passions, interests, wellbeing, aspirations for the future, and stories from your past. But most importantly, understand why you seek change. What is the drive, what is your goal, and how can it be achieved? When a woman feels more comfortable opening up and sharing these very personal feelings, it’s no coincidence that it makes it easier to recognise her needs. blank A beautiful, feminine smile that now truly reflects her age and personality Evaluating our physical appearance is something deeply personal. When we consider changing something about ourselves, even something as simple as a new hairstyle, the fear of not being completely understood and therefore satisfied can be a real hurdle. It can be even more overwhelming when we open ourselves to another person (like a dentist) to guide us through those changes. As an aesthetic dentist, forming a relationship of confidence with patients is paramount in order to understand, respect and relate to their unique desires and expectations. Only then can we design a path to your new smile. Do we seek rejuvenation or re-invention? Is it subtle or dramatic? Life-changing or life-affirming? As an aesthetic dentist, my duty is to ensure you feel in control of your appearance. When we are sensitive to the diverse and unique needs of every woman, we can achieve incredible outcomes and create a smile that harmonises with both her appearance and personality. If you would like to discuss the possibilities for your dental and facial aesthetics, I invite you to arrange a time with me, and perhaps together we can discover a new perspective about your smile’s potential.
We Welcome You Dr Yvonne King has transformed the lives and smiles of over 5,000 patients and is the first Australian dentist to be awarded the prestigious Master of Science (Aesthetic Dentistry), a practical and theoretical degree strongly focussed on understanding not only how to complement and enhance surrounding facial structure through dentistry, but also ensuring that a smile harmonises with the distinctive personality and characteristics of every patient. If you feel you could benefit from the unique perspective and experience of Dr King, or simply have questions or enquiries about your smile and facial aesthetics, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly reception, who can arrange a time with Dr King to discuss your unique goals.
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