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Are you looking for affordable dentist in Elwood? At the Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry Centre, we aim to bring our clients the best aesthetic dentistry services in Elwood and formulate dream smiles. Our team is guided by the principals of Dr Yvonne King, who has over 30 years of dental experience and was the first person in Australia to be awarded a master’s degree in Aesthetic Dentistry.

As an innovator, educator, and leader in dentistry, Dr King continually enhances her knowledge on dental care advancements and holistic therapies. At CLDC, we aim to guide all clients through smile makeover processes and achieve a healthy, structure set of teeth.

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Family General Dentist Elwood

At CLDC, we offer high-quality general dentistry services in Elwood to solve a wide range of everyday dental issues. With our general and preventative treatments, we can mend your chipped, crooked, and missing teeth and turn them into a stunning set. Our general dentistry services include.

Dental Bridges

The addition of a dental bridge can permanently replace one or more missing teeth. When you’re struggling with huge gaps in your set of teeth, a dental bridge can easily rectify this. Implementing a bridge requires two crowns attached to either side of the gap and then an attached crown that will replace the missing tooth.

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Oral Hygiene

To ensure the best oral hygiene, you will need to do more than just brush and floss daily. We have a team of dental hygienists equipped with the skills to assess your oral health and ensure your teeth are completely healthy. We will conduct routine check-ups and provide you with advice on how to better care for your teeth.

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Restorative Dentistry

Dental issues such as missing, damaged, and decaying teeth can have a significant impact on confidence. Therefore, at CLDC, we offer various restorative dentistry treatments to ensure your teeth look and feel good and function properly. You can choose from the following restorative treatments.

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We specialise in tooth-coloured fillings, which create a natural and durable fix to fractured teeth. Using composite resin to create these fillings means that they will last for years to come as they are completely resilient and robust.

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Inlays And Onlays

Inlays and onlays are types of fillings that are traditionally used to mend damaged teeth. Inlays are cemented into place and attached to the tips of the teeth, whereas onlays are utilised for more complex restoration procedures. They can both be made from porcelain, ceramic or composite material.

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A dental crown is placed on top of an existing tooth to transform its look and rectify its functional properties. The crown will attach to your tooth and act as a normal part of your set of teeth without limiting you in any way.

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Best Cosmetic Dentist in Elwood

Are you struggling with a set of teeth full of chips, cracks, or overcrowding? These issues can cause various insecurities. Hence, at CLDC, our cosmetic dentists in Elwood provide a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services to complete a smile makeover successfully. Our cosmetic dentistry services include.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are shells that are specifically designed to fit over the surface of your teeth. These shells are used to change the colour, size, and shape of your teeth. Porcelain veneers are a great option when your teeth are chipped or cracked and do not look visually appealing.

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Composite Veneers Bonding

Dr Yvonne King regularly performs dental composite bonding and instils resin composite veneers as a minimally invasive procedure that restores and rejuvenates your teeth and completely transforms your teeth. Once our team alters the shape, size, and colour of your teeth, you’ll attain the smile you’ve always wanted.

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Glam Smile

We believe everyone should have access to high-quality dental care. Therefore, we are proud to be the first Australian dental clinic to offer our patients the revolutionary GlamSmile porcelain veneers treatment. GlamSmile is an affordable alternative to traditional porcelain veneers, yet it is still super quality and delivers the same great results.

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Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening

At CLDC, we continue to innovate the ways we provide professionals and at-home teeth whitening procedures. It is natural for teeth to discolour over time. However, the change in colour can cause us to feel insecure. We offer a range of teeth whitening treatments, including natural+ whitening, at-home bleaching trays, laser tooth whitening, laserbrite, and much more.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are utilised as anchors within any set of teeth as they are placed into the jawbone and can hold replacement teeth effortlessly. Our dental implants serve as long-term replacements and will restore the natural structure of your teeth. The types of dental implants you can choose from include.

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Permadent Platinum

Using a Zirconia bridge on 6-8 implants, we create a whole arch replacement that will completely transform the look and performance of your teeth. The Zirconia bridge is much more durable than a standard acrylic bridge, and therefore, lasts longer and is minimally invasive.

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Permadent 3 Hour Smile

With this 3 hour treatment, our dentists will completely transform your smile. Our Permadent, 3 hour smile, will allow you to perform all functions such as eating, speaking, and smiling freely. This is not a permanent implant surgery and allows you to remove your dentures when needed.

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All On 4 Dental Implants

As a total mouth rehabilitation treatment, the All On 4 implants is an appropriate alternative to traditional dentures. The technique involves securing a single prosthesis of up to 12 teeth onto four surgical, dental implants, providing a complete smile transformation.

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Implant Denture Conversions

Our team at CLDC will convert your implants into dentures to allow you greater flexibility and comfort. You’ll be able to take out your implants when they need cleaning or simply when you don’t feel like wearing them. Get more control of your implants with implant denture conversions.

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Smile Makeover

A complete smile makeover is a combination of multiple cosmetic dental treatments which covers various dental issues. Each smile is different, and therefore, so is each makeover. We will tailor our process to suit your set of teeth and target every area which needs transforming. Stages of the smile makeover include consultation and assessment, design and preview, and makeover completion.

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Cosmetic Dental Treatments

TMJ Therapy

Do you have a habit of excessively clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth when anxious? This could cause tension in your temporomandibular joint and cause further problems down the line, such as tooth fractures and facial discomfort. Therefore, we offer TMJ therapy which relieves the muscular tension in this joint and relaxes your entire jaw.

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Dento Facial Injectables

For a complete smile makeover, you may need to focus on more than just the teeth. If ageing is hindering your smile, then dento facial injectables may be the answer. Wrinkle injections and dermal fillers target the surrounding tissue in your face to create a more youthful appearance which will be showcased every time you smile.

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8 Point Facelift

The 8 point lift is a non-surgical treatment that targets the face and matches your smile. This procedure restores the volume in your face, which is lost over time or with situations such as ageing.

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Specialist Dentistry

At times, dental issues may require more complicated treatments. In cases like these, we have an expert team of surgeons trained and experienced in oral surgeries and extractions. Our specialist dentistry services include.

Wisdom Teeth

The eruption of wisdom teeth can be an extremely painful experience, especially if they aren’t dealt with properly. At CLDC, we perform wisdom teeth extractions safely and in-chair. We’ll ensure that your wisdom teeth extraction process is efficient and comfortable.

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Oral Surgery

Our surgeons are trained in completing a range of oral surgeries, including extractions, bone grafting, and implants. As our team is trained in surgical preparation and infection control, we ensure all your dental treatments are being conducted in a sterile and relaxed environment.

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Micro Dentistry

At CLDC, we utilise the latest advancements in micro dentistry to provide our patients with minimally invasive dental care. With this treatment, our dentists will prevent decay and conduct assessments to find the earliest detection of tooth decay. This is to avoid any further complications in the long term.

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Sedation And Sleep Dentistry

Many people struggle with the idea of seeing a dentist due to the fear of pain. However, if dental issues are left untreated, then this can cause significant problems in the future. Therefore, we offer sedation and sleep dentistry where the patient will be administered with a small dose of anaesthesia. This will help you relax and remain comfortable throughout your procedure.

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Dental Hypnosis

Does going to the dentist make you anxious? Dr Yvonne King holds a diploma in clinical hypnosis and has created a treatment where we utilise natural therapy to put the mind and body at ease. We can help you overcome your fear of dentistry and improve your smile.

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