Dr King makes the front cover of Bite magazine!

Front page news!

The entire team at CLDC were especially excited to see our principal practitioner, Dr Yvonne King, on the front cover of the latest issue of Bite- the number one magazine for Australian dentists.

The art of aesthetic dentistry

In the four page article, writer John Burfitt recognises Dr King as a ‘pioneer’ in not only modern dentistry in Australia, but also as a leading voice for aesthetic dentistry, noting the lengths she has gone to in order to have this field of practice recognised as a vital and valid part of the dental industry.

The article follows Dr King’s beginnings in dental school, her love of all things artistic and aesthetic, and the inevitable career pathway to cosmetic dentistry and advanced studies in aesthetic dentistry.

Read the full article here

Dr King’s philosophy on the psychology of a smile is explored in the article. Aesthetics in dentistry is not simply a pursuit of vanity, the impact a person’s smile has on their overall well-being, both mentally, physically and socially cannot be understated.

Dr King explains:

“There is a very negative spiral people can enter when a person is unhappy about their smile… they don’t feel motivated to look after their teeth… as the teeth deteriorate, these people tend to avoid social contact… their social life suffers, their career suffers”

Dr King explains that negative attitudes towards one’s smile can lead to neglect, and deterioration of teeth condition can cause depressive side-effects, which can in turn create more negative consequences and social anxiety.

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