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Virtual Smile Consultations Now Available at CLDC


Let’s Talk About Your Smile!

CLDC now proudly offers complimentary video consultations (10 – 15 minutes) with Dr Yvonne King – Australia’s leading aesthetic dentist.

This is an incredible opportunity to talk privately with Dr King about your smile goals and the available treatments that might be suitable for you – all from the comfort of home.

How Does a Virtual Consultation Work?

  • Call us to arrange a consult date and time
    • Currently Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons
  • We will need some photos of your face and smile we require in advance;
    • You will receive instructions on photos required.
    • Photos are required at least 48 hours before you consult.
  • Prior to your video consult, Dr King will review your photos and dental history
    • You will complete a new patient form beforehand.
  • Dr King will contact you at the arranged time via video conference on Skype (or similar platform)

Technical Requirements:

  • Good internet connection
  • Webcam & Microphone (preferred – but you can use a smartphone or tablet)
  • Skype installed on your device with a free or paid account registered

**Be sure to test your equipment in Skype before your consult, as we wouldn’t want to lose discussion time due to technical difficulties.**

What does the consultation involve?

In your consultation, you will discuss what you would like to improve about your smile, your motivations and goals, dental history, general health and wellbeing.

Dr King will bring up photos of your smile via screen-sharing to discuss, and may then go through potential treatments and show examples of procedures that you may be a candidate for and also give an indication of usual fees.

There may be several treatment options available which you were not aware of – Dr King will discuss these

What is the Cost?

It’s free. This is an introductory offer as we trial virtual consultations.

What happens after my consultation?

After your video consult you will be able to book an appointment at our centre for a thorough dental examination ($110) and x-rays (bulk billed) to comprehensively assess the condition of your teeth and gums.

Once we have the complete picture of your oral health, we can prepare a final treatment plan and quote of fees for proposed treatments for you to consider.

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