Our Response to COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus

Coronavirus: Steps we are taking to ensure your safety at CLDC To ensure the comfort, health and safety of our valued patients, we have made the decision to register with the Australian Dental Association (ADA) as an urgent dental care provider. This page provides information about the additional steps we are taking to keep both […]

Get Back A Good Night’s Sleep.

Cosmetic Injection at CLDC

If you are keeping your loved one up at night through clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth, the Cosmetic & Laser Dentistry Clinic may be able to assist you. The medical terminology is bruxism and through the action of teeth grinding you may be placing up to 20 times the pressure on your teeth […]

Dental Tourism; Hazardous To Your Health

  All too frequently patients seek out my help for problems after having had dental implants placed overseas in “dental tourism” destinations such as Thailand, China and Eastern Europe. The most recent person to come to me was a patient who had been missing all her upper teeth and her lower back teeth for many […]

Obsession with Perfection: The issue of body dysmorphia and cosmetic treatments

teeth mirror check

Ever since humans gained an awareness of their self-image, we have possessed a desire to appear aesthetically pleasing. This desire has remained constant over the centuries, despite political and cultural changes. What has changed however are the methods we have adopted to enhance our appearance, through the evolution of medicine and science we are provided […]