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Glamsmile – Custom Designed Veneers

GlamSmile high-quality pure porcelain, is a revolutionary, painless, and truly affordable solution for discoloured, worn or unsightly teeth. Now a beautiful new smile can be customized for you in less time than ever before with the most affordable, minimal preparation porcelain veneers in Australia. GlamSmile unlike traditional veneers requires no anesthesia in most cases, as there’s no/minimal […]

About Dr Yvonne King B.D.Sc. Dip. Clin. Hypnosis

Dr King is known for her exceptional ability to create a “dream smile” that compliments your appearance and personality. Dr King believes that a beautiful, bright and spontaneous smile can improve your self-confidence and make a positive and powerful statement about you. To provide you with the best quality general and cosmetic dentistry services, Dr […]

Welcome to Cosmetic and Laser Dentistry Centre

Welcome to Cosmetic and Laser Dentistry Centre Blog! Here you will find the latest news and updates about cosmetic dentistry. Our blog is a great way to stay informed over the internet and longman academic writing series 4 keep up to date. Cosmetic and Laser Dentistry Centre, combines science, art and technology to ensure that you […]