Permadent A Great Solution for Seniors.

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A majority of seniors start to lose their teeth as they age and are confronted with the decision of getting dentures or something more permanent like dental implants. Dental implants are highly recommended as they are more stable, having a more natural appearance and allowing patients to enjoy the foods they love.

Permadent is a full arch bridge dental implant procedure that is exclusive to the Cosmetic and Laser Dentistry Centre. There are many products on the market that offer 4 implants, whereas Permadent offers the stability of 5 points of quality European implants. The advantage of the 5 points of implants, is it creates a strong, stable base for the Permadent denture, enabling patients to enjoy the foods they love, smile with confidence and feel good.

The benefits of Permadent:
Achieve a great smile in just 3 hours
No invasive bone or gum surgery
Less fractures, due to wider support base
Easy to clean
Less-invasive precision keyhole surgery
No gap, Permadent fits tightly against the gum line
Increased longevity in the Permadent implants than the 2 – 4 implant bridges available

Unlike other implant bridge systems, Permadent has the option to be configured as a removable whole-arch replacement solution, allowing a patient to conveniently detach the bridge from their implants for cleaning and maintenance, and strongly attach it back in. The strength required to detach and reattach the denture can also be adjusted to suit individual needs. To make an appointment today and learn more about Permadent click here .

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